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Why We Have a Passion For Justice

Our firm’s tagline is “Passion for Justice.” Why? As we navigate life, we all confront challenges that test our spirit and faith: injury, illness, divorce, death, financial set-backs, and starting new ventures with unknown futures. At Keating O’Gara Law, we believe...

Keating O’Gara: Supporting Art and Community

As you approach the entrance to our office at 530 South 13th Street, you can’t help but notice a six-foot-tall sculpture resting at an angle right in front of our building. This art piece is shaped like a giant light bulb but painted to look like a stringed...
Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our firm’s mission is to win. Win for our clients. Win for our employees. Win for justice. We are passionate about achieving your goals and delivering world-class legal services. We accomplish this through faith and devotion to doing what’s right for our clients, our...
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