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As you approach the entrance to our office at 530 South 13th Street, you can’t help but notice a six-foot-tall sculpture resting at an angle right in front of our building. This art piece is shaped like a giant light bulb but painted to look like a stringed instrument, and it rotates gently and slowly with the wind.

We are often asked about the story behind it and how it came to be placed here.

It started with Lighthouse, a community program which provides Lincoln school kids with after-school academic help, mentoring, meals and a safe place to stay out of trouble. In 2015, Lighthouse celebrated its 25th anniversary with a public art project designed to raise funds and awareness for its continuing work.

The project, Illuminating Lincoln: Lighthouse, invited Nebraska artists to create individual works of art using identical 6-foot-tall fiberglass resin pieces in the shape of a lightbulb. The 51 creations accepted by the project were placed around the City of Lincoln. The piece visitors see in front of our firm is Lute Bulb, by artist Greg Holdren.

In 2015, all 51 lightbulb sculptures were auctioned, bringing in more than a quarter of a million dollars in funds for Lighthouse. A group of benefactors, including lawyers from Keating O’Gara, bought Lute Bulb in support of our wonderful community partner and to give this beautiful sculpture a permanent home in our neighborhood.

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