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Advocates for Nebraska Public Servants and Their Unions

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Boots-on-the-Ground Experience

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of public-sector employees throughout the state of Nebraska for over four decades.

24/7 Accessibility

We prioritize responding promptly and acting quickly. Our attorneys are here to support you when you need it most.

Collective Bargaining Focus

Our team has the experience necessary to facilitate productive labor agreements and develop strategies for positive employee relations.

For Law Enforcement Professionals

With our Brown & Blue Legal Representation Plan, you can avoid high hourly rates, get strategic advice on union negotiations, and access experienced labor attorneys.

Members pay a monthly fee as part of their dues to receive legal support for all covered events.

Brown & Blue Plan Tiers

Legal Defense Plan



Criminal Defense

  • Officer-involved uses of force arising out of employment

Administrative Support

  • Internal affairs/disciplinary investigations for substantial allegations (suspensions, demotions, and terminations); includes investigations for off duty incidents
  • Advice to lodge officials handling investigations for minor allegations
  • Appeal/grievance of substantial discipline arising out of employment
  • Actions regarding certification/license for actions arising out of employment
  • Civil matters - excess coverage

Grand Jury Defense

Our attorneys have represented over 250 law enforcement and corrections officers in grand jury proceedings following in-custody deaths.

Gary Young

Force Science Advanced Specialist

Thomas McCarty

Force Science Analyst

Our Experience

internal affairs investigations represented

collective bargaining agreements negotiated

use of force investigations

FOPs represented

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