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“My wife and I were extremely happy with the way the Keating O’Gara firm handled our case. They were very professional and caring. Their counsel was timely and very important to us, and helped us make important decisions in our lives. They kept us informed, and up to date on our case, and we really appreciated that. The Keating O’Gara team went beyond what we expected.”


The Keating O’Gara law firm was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire legal process. From the moment I met with my attorney, he made me feel at ease. During my initial meeting, they took the time to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explained the process. I never once felt rushed, pressured or judged, which I found to be a breath of fresh air, given that I experienced all of these emotions with other attorneys that I met with. During the course of my lawsuit, they stayed in constant contact with me, providing updates when necessary. I was beyond pleased that the Keating O’Gara law firm was able to obtain a settlement in a quick amount of time for an amount that I felt was fair. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.


The Keating & O’Gara Law Firm went from an unknown company title to a warm list of names spoken in my household during 2013. I’ve never had anyone represent me before and I was a bit nervous about the idea of having a lawyer when I was just a regular person, but they became my modern hero during a very stressful time.

Our attorney was a strong advocate for me by navigating the system that I was so overwhelmed by, taking over all unpleasant communications with bill collectors & insurance companies, then explaining the possible outcomes in both an efficient and highly compassionate manner. It was amazing to know that I had someone to stick up for me – not just anyone, but a capable, intelligent and trustworthy person who had prior experience on these matters.

Keating O’Gara quickly earned my trust and their name is still mentioned fondly all these months later because with the beauty of hindsight I can say that having them represent me was one of the best choices I could’ve ever made.


Believe me: If Keating O’Gara takes your case, you will receive professional service. That is their promise.

I live in Lincoln and was working in Omaha, due to a downsizing situation. The firm I worked for was acquired by a much larger firm. Two of us had the same position, however one was younger and more attractive.

Being unable to find a law firm in Omaha that would go against this large firm, I turned to my friends for recommendations. Keating O’Gara’s name surfaced and contact was made. After a thorough consultation, they took my case and the rest is history. We won!

There was much work, effort and determination that went into my case. I found new friends in the attorneys at Keating O’Gara. They would still be my friends even if we had lost. They are wonderful, caring individuals. I’d hire them again in a heartbeat.


Keating O’Gara represented us following a motor vehicle accident that injured my wife. We were extremely pleased with their honest approach and the way they kept both my wife and I informed of our legal claims and process. They showed a genuine interest in her health and progress as well as keeping abreast of follow-up matters during recovery.

We highly recommend Keating O’Gara to anyone seeking legal recourse and would not hesitate to call them for any future legal consulting. They go the extra mile to help and they most certainly care about their clients.

Bob & Dee

When Linda applied for disability, we had heard all the stories about how long the process can take. As expected, she was initially declined, and we braced ourselves for a lengthy and difficult appeals process.

That’s when we contacted Keating O’Gara. They made the process smooth and understandable, and they demonstrated a thorough knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the disability claim process. Their skill in presenting our appeal resulted in a ruling in Linda’s favor much sooner than we could have hoped for. It really makes a difference to have an advocate who cares about you as much as they care about your case and have the skill to turn that into results.

Brad & Linda

Keating O’Gara’s experience and knowledge was invaluable in helping us through the process.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have had Keating O’Gara represent us when legal issues unexpectedly became a part of our life journey.

When my wife and I were seriously injured in an automobile accident caused by an underinsured motorist, we relied on our faith, the support of family and friends and of course the incredible care of our physicians to help us confront those immediate physical challenges. Through the rehab, subsequent surgeries and adjustments to ‘new normals,’ we were fast approaching the end of our collective resilience to deal with, of all parties, the insurance companies and being our own advocates. Thankfully, we were referred to Jeff Downing at Keating, O’Gara, and a process we were expecting to take years to resolve began to look manageable. Jeff allowed us to focus on trying to get back to normal instead of holding insurance companies accountable. And, he helped us navigate making sure our bills would be covered when our insurance agents wouldn’t.

Tyler W.

I would first like to say thank you to both Elizabeth and Mr Downing for the amazing effort and hard work put in. As a mother I was lost and did not know what to do after Madelynn’s car accident, Until speaking with Mr Downing. Madelynn and I are both very grateful to have had a great lawyer.

Patricia K.

Jeff Downing and his legal assistant, Elizabeth, were kind, efficient, informative, professional, yet very approachable. They kept me up to date on what was happening with my legal case. I felt Mr Downing prepared me well to give my deposition.

Nancy S.

Litigation can be a stressful process, especially when it is added to an injury. Jeff Downing and his team did an incredible job of making the experience as positive as possible – communicating efficiently, providing clear explanations and answers to my questions, gathering records and physician’s statements, and expertly negotiating. Mr. Downing was so calm during the mediation that it helped keep me calm; it was obvious he had done this many times, is an expert in this field, and knew exactly what to do. He also has the right connections to get things done – the mediator he secured was outstanding as well. I hope that I never need to pursue another personal injury lawsuit, but if I do, there is no question that I will seek Jeff Downing’s services; he is a man of integrity who takes care of his clients and ensures the best possible outcome.

Jamie B.

My wife and I can’t recommend Keating O’Gara Law Firm enough! We were lost and didn’t know if or how to pursue our case after a traumatic and permanent injury from a medical procedure. Jeff Downing, along with his assistant Elizabeth, guided us the entire way through almost 4 years of the legal process with our medical malpractice case. They were thoughtful and caring throughout, and understood the emotional toll the legal process can be with depositions and playing the waiting game. Jeff was able to negotiate a settlement that went above our expectations, especially since medical malpractice cases rarely have a favorable outcome. My wife and I are truly grateful that the Good Lord led us to Jeff, and will not hesitate to use the firm again for all our legal needs.

Matthew and Kelly

I’m writing to thank you sincerely for the professional, kind and caring manner in which you handled the legal case related to my accident. Being struck by a car while biking and my resulting back injury was a frightening and traumatizing experience. I sincerely appreciate the expert guidance you offered following the accident and your assistance in recovering equitable damages on my behalf.


Following a recent accident, I quickly found myself overwhelmed with medical bills and calls from the insurance companies. A friend referred me to Keating O’Gara Law to help sort through my case. Although hesitant to contact an attorney, I reached out and made that initial call and felt immediate comfort.

They stood up for me and took the burden, when I didn’t have the strength to stand for myself. When we sat face to face, they listened to my story as though I was their only client. It was relief knowing that I had a trustworthy and highly experienced team speaking on my behalf. It became apparent that they cared about me as a person as well as respecting my wishes. It was far more personable than I ever expected it to be. More than a typical attorney, it became the comfort of friendly faces and a highly compassionate experience that helped me get through a very traumatic time.

My true gratitude is immeasurable. Thank you Keating O’Gara.


My husband and I were in a bad car accident. I had severe injuries and was permanently disabled. We hired an attorney who took the case then 6 months later dropped us. He stated we may win but it could take several years and it wasn’t worth it to him.

I called every attorney I could find on TV, the phone book, the ones who sent letters, the internet and none would take our case.

Then I found Keating O’Gara and they took our case. It took 2 years and was very difficult. The police lost the accident photos and made major mistakes in the accident report and the only witness refused to testify.

The only thing I wanted was my medical bills paid and Keating O’Gara not only got our medical bills paid, but we also received a cash settlement and they took care of my disability case with social security.

I don’t think you could find a better law firm than Keating O’Gara. They treat you great, answer all your questions and win impossible cases that no one else will touch.


When my husband suffered a traumatic brain injury five years ago, I thought the worst of the nightmare would be the long days he spent in the intensive care unit and at the rehabilitation hospital. It turned out the true nightmare started when he tried returning to his job. It soon became apparent that he could no longer perform his job duties and his employer tried to fire him – even though his previous work performance had been exemplary.

Thankfully, we were referred to Keating O’Gara for assistance. They took care of the “ugly stuff” for us and ensured that my husband received the work benefits he was entitled to. When we knew for certain that my husband could not work in any type of employment, Keating O’Gara gently guided us through a personal injury lawsuit. We ended up with a settlement that will provide my family with long-term stability. We will forever appreciate everything they did for us!


The law firm of Keating, O’Gara, Nedved and Peter took a lot of the stress and worry about medical bills, etc. away from me after an accident and took it upon themselves. It allowed me to concentrate on healing and moving forward. Our attorney was very reassuring and that gave me a great deal of peace of mind during my recovery. The fact that he came to the hospital for the initial consultation spoke highly of his commitment to getting all the facts and details in order to move forward with the case. I am so very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you to Keating O’Gara for having such caring individuals working there!


Words fail to express how deeply we appreciate all you helped us through.

A medical malpractice injury is a terrible thing. When it happened to me, I needed someone in my corner to protect my rights and fight for justice. 

Keating O’Gara has caring, concerned and intelligent attorneys, dedicated to working hard and getting the best results for their clients. Thanks Keating O’Gara for your compassion and showing us that a positive outcome is possible!

Keating O’Gara’s excellence in professional standard of care and quality character gave us peace and trusted assurance during a difficult time.

After Kristen’s serious motorcycle accident that was caused by another driver, we were initially just trying to get through the shock of her injuries and the trauma she experienced. We quickly found out that, on top of all the medical issues, there was a mountain of logistics and legal matters to take care of in dealing with multiple insurance companies and medical care providers. We had no experience with anything of that level. Thankfully, we were referred to Keating O’Gara by one of our church staff members that we’d reached out to and it turns out that was a great piece of advice. We had no idea where to start and Jeff and Elizabeth knew exactly what to do and they handled everything. They were truly our advocates throughout the process and always made us feel like we could reach out to them with questions or concerns. This whole situation was a very stressful time in our lives and it would have turned out very differently if we hadn’t reached out to Keating O’Gara. They played a huge role in helping us through this chapter and we’re incredibly grateful.

Andrew S.

I was referred to Mr. Downing by a friend when I was considering filing a lawsuit following a motor vehicle accident. After our initial conversation, I felt very comfortable hiring him to represent me. Throughout the process, Mr. Downing explained options I had and factors to take into consideration with each step. He provided direction, offered reassurance and was very personable. Elizabeth, the wonderful legal assistant, was communicative, provided clarification on items when needed and was always available when I had questions. She was so patient and kind. Mr. Downing and Elizabeth were a great team to work with-thank you both for all your help and guidance!

Shandra P.

Jefferson Downing handled a wrongful death case for my three young children and me. Jeff is a man of his word, honest, kind and compassionate. He is an attorney who earned our trust and friendship over the course of a difficult and emotional legal process regarding my husband’s death. Jeff fights for the families and individuals who otherwise would not have a chance at justice.

Grace P.

Because of the complexity involved with my injury, the process unfolded over a significant period of time. You personally – and Keating O’Gara staff – demonstrated both the expertise and patience to navigate all the actions required to bring about a successful settlement. While I’m certain various issues normally arise when building a convincing case, doing so in the context of the pandemic definitely required extra persistence. You clearly gave what it took.

One other aspect of your assistance was crucial in my mind. You regularly updated me on what was happening, listened carefully to my thoughts, and gave me choices as we came to decision points. That personal touch is a clear differentiating factor from some other experiences I’ve had. It also left me knowing where I’ll go for legal help should I need it again. You provided exactly the help I needed and I leave this chapter valuing you as a friend.

Scott H.

My experience with Keating O’Gara Law was exceptional and exceeded all my expectations. The entire staff is so welcoming and professional. After enduring a traumatic brain injury and sustaining neck and back injuries from a motor vehicle collision, my attorney Jeff Downing, provided strategic and compassionate guidance all throughout my case. Mr. Downing and his legal assistant, Elizabeth, did an outstanding job to make a traumatic, life-altering experience less of a burden on me. There are no words to truly express how grateful I am for them.

Lindsay H.

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