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Significant Cases

The Firm’s Notable Achievements

Recently settled a complex automobile accident case in which our ten year old client was catastrophically injured resulting in excess of $800,000 in medical expenses.  Because the firm had thoroughly prepared the case for trial, it was  settled after a 12 hour mediation. Successfully settled a tragic automobile accident case involving the wrongful deaths of […]

Our Lawyers are Shaping Nebraska Law

Our attorneys have not only obtained excellent results at trial and through settlement, they have led the way in advancing important issues on appeal to achieve results that have shaped Nebraska law for the better. In Heins v. Webster County, 250 Neb. 750, the Nebraska Supreme Court threw out the invitee/licensee distinction in premises liability […]

Making Nebraska Safer

Thoroughly preparing cases and aggressively representing clients, can yield positive results well beyond the immediate dispute. In a number of our cases, successful resolution required policy changes by the defendant that improved safety, quality of care, or the delivery of services. Our cases have resulted in improved traffic signal response procedures, faster emergency protocols, more […]